Albums by Marion von Tilzer

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TEN SONGS OF CHANGE (2021 on TRPTK), new music cycle by Marion von Tilzer with Maya Fridman (cello & vocals) and Marion von Tilzer (piano) inspired by the I CHING order as CD or LP 

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Das Verschenkte Weinen (2018) Musical Fairy Tale by W. Heiduczek with music by Marion von Tilzer, Coverart: Marit Törnqvist (Audiobookpublisher Buchfunk)


Secret Keymasters op Challenge / Turtle Records (2014)

Secret Keymasters on Challenge / Turtle Records (2015), Piano solo works and improvisations by Michael Gees, Marion von Tilzer and Frans Ehlhart.


Amstel Raga (2011, new CD of Amstel quartet with composition by Marion)


‘Kirvani Revisited’ (Challenge Records, 2008)

‘Moments in Togetherness’ (Duo with Indian Khayal singer Neela Bhagwat, 2008)


‘Train Song’ (2003), Aros’ second Album.


‘Aros’ (self-titled debut, 2001) of her group Aros.

SPI - Yannis Kyriakides - released on Unsounds (2000)

‘Conspiracy Cantata’ (2001, compositions by Yannis Kyriakides)