Quotes about Marion von Tilzer

‘Marion von Tilzer succeeds where most musicians have failed in managing to harmonise eastern and western music without betraying either tradition’     

Michael Nyman, composer and music critic (UK)


‘... the repetitive ‘Wheel of Fortune’ is one of the highlights of this CD.”

 Kris Baetens, Kwadratuur about CD ‘Amstel Raga’ by the Amstel Saxophone Quartet


‘A successful fusion...’

 Armand Serpenti, about Kirvani Revisited,‘MIXED’,  (Holland)


‘...An outstanding album…                                                      

Opzij about Kirvani Revisited (Holland)

‘...An album of selfevident beauty...’

Luister about Kirvani Revisited (Holland)

‘And not only was the choreography surprising and beautiful, but the original music, composed by the Austrian, Marion von Tilzer, was absolutely stunning.’    

Oeral Krant about the Dancetheater piece “Sirenade by Elshout&Händeler (Holland)


‘… The results is an ongoing interaction that allow for individual expressions as well as a spirit of togetherness...’ 

NCPA, Bombay about the collaboration with Hindustani singer Neela Bhagwat. (India)

‘… Marion von Tilzer creates dancing lines before she explodes in a flurry of activity only to settle in a sea of calm…’  

Coda Magazine, Jerry de Souza (Canada)

‘… Rob Armus and Marion von Tilzer give each other lessons in both their vocabulary, which results in a group, that one can call unique…’

Volkskrant, Koen Schouten about ‘Aros’  (Holland)

‘… Von Tilzer’s “Fugatisme” was another highlight and its serried arpeggios gave the classical trained pianist a chance to show off some power of her own…’

Vancouver Sun, Alexander Varty (Canada)


‘From the very first moment Marion von Tilzer convinced me with her compositions, especially her personal musical language, that I want to call timeless and fascinating. One doesn’t often hear modern classical music which is also accessible for a broad audience.’

Ben Verbong, Film Director (Germany)