November 18 2018 - Premiere of 'A Day in June' a short film in 5 Songs, @ Alkmaar Filmhuis

Film by Peter Sieben, Songtext: Gerard Harlemann, with paintings by Ludo Winkelmann.  Music by Marion von Tilzer, performed by Janneke van Prooien (vl), Eilidh Martin (vc) and Marion von Tilz [...]

April 24 2018 - Studio recording: new composition for 'A Day in June' A short film in 6 Songs based on a poem by Fernando Pessoa

Mattijs van der Woerd, (baritone), Janneke van Prooien (vl), Eilidh Martin, (vc), Marion von Tilzer, composition, piano at Powersound Studio, Amsterdam. The composition is based on a poem by Fernand [...]

April 29 2018, 15:00h - CD Presentation Concert 'Das Verschenkte Weinen' at the Alte Nicolaischule, Leipzig

The new Audiobook CD 'Das Verschenkte Weinen' with the Fairy Tale by Werner Heiduczek, performed by Alexander Pensel, Vera van der Bie, Eilidh Martin & composer/pianist Marion von Tilzer [...]

March 8 2018 - CD Release of 'Das Verschenkte Weinen' with Buchfunk Publisher

The magical story by Werner Heiduczek 'Das Verschenkte Weinen' with music by Marion von Tilzer is published at 'Buchfunk' Publisher from Leipzig  Marit Tö [...]

20th December 2017 - CD Recording 'Das Verschenkte Weinen' at the Wisseloord Studios

Composition by Marion von Tilzer with Vera van der Bie (violin), Eilidh Martin (cello) and Marion von Tilzer (piano)   Story written by Werner Heiduczek  (first published 1974). http://w [...]

26th of March 2017 Concert with Neela Bhagwat at the Maharishi Center Vlodrop

Fusion of Indian classical music with western classical music. With wonderful hindustani singer Neela Bhagwat from Mumbai and tablaplayer Saibal Chatterjee. Timings tba adres: Station 24, 606 [...]

December 2nd 2016 - into the Studio to record new music for "Das Verschenkte Weinen"

for piano trio with Vera vd Bie (vl)  & Eilidh Martin (vc). It's new music for the Fairy Tale written by Werner Heiduczek. Studio Norbert Veel NVG Geluidsproducties 

November 20 2016 - IDFA - Premiere 'Passage' a film by Jascha de Wilde en Ben Hendriks

music by Marion von Tilzer & Alan Gunga Purves. It will be showing at the EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam during the IDFA. for exact time check the IDFA website under 'Passage'  ht [...]